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1-on-1 Web Design:

Typically 2-6 weeks. Factors such as size, complexity, and client workload all play a factor in turnaround time.

Not a problem! I will put filler content (known in the design world as ‘lorem ipsum’) in places where you can insert your own at a later date. I will show you how to add all of that stuff during our Website Walkthrough session at the end of the design process.

Not a problem! I can help you to find inspiration, talk you through some design options, and help you land on what you’re looking for. Just schedule your free consultation call and I will be more than happy to steer you in the right direction.

I can make you one! I offer custom logo design for an additional $100. I have actually made a majority of the logos for the sites on my portfolio.

Logo Design Process: After your consultation call, I will send you 3-5 logo designs within 5-7 days from the date that your invoice and contract have been fulfilled. From those 3-5 designs, you just let me know which you’re liking the best and I will start your website’s design from there.

I will be available for any design-related issues you face within the first year. Any non-design issues you may deal with such as hosting or domain problems are better dealt with through your hosting provider’s support.

I use the Elementor page builder and the Astra theme installed. Through my time experimenting with all of the tools available out there for designing and building websites, I have found that Elementor allows the most flexibility, customization options, efficiency, and ease-of-use. I believe it is the most intuitive page builder out there for both experts and complete newbies alike.

Yes, it is required that you have WordPress installed on your website in order for me to build everything on your website. This can be done through your hosting platform. 

Before I can started, you will need to purchase a domain name, hosting provider, and have WordPress installed. Once all of that is done, the last thing needed is for you to make me a new user through your WordPress dashboard. I will be able to walk you through that last process on our consultation call if necessary. 

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